Fashion Tool Kit

Fashion Tool Kit

The Fashion Tool kit has been created to help designers communicate their needs effectively to production units. One of the most important components is the recommended Code Of Practice, which will provide the designers and manufacturers with a two-way assurance that both will adhere to a professional set of standards.

The knowledge compiled in this Fashion Toolkit has been gathered from industry professionals with many years of experience in dealing with garment production. The Toolkit has been designed to start you off, the ‘fine tuning’ can be developed to suit your own needs and the needs of your factories.

Relationships between designers and manufacturers can be problematic for those who fail to understand the basic requirements necessary. Even the most experienced of Production Managers find new challenges and problems with many of their orders. The Toolkit will give you a good start, but ultimately having good relationships will help ease any problems. The factories are businesses that rely on smooth and constant production to create profits.

Fashion toolkit is an assembly of tools; set of basic building units for user interfaces. Fashion toolkit is very useful to decorate any mannequins it makes more attractive.

We also develop customized mannequins, body forms, hangers, and statues as per buyer’s requirements.
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